The joy of Childcare

I love being with children.

I always have.

There is something liberating about being with people who wear their hearts on their sleeves.

  • Happy = exuberant
  • Sad = devastated
  • Bored = ready for more

Hakuba Babysitter costumeWorking and being around the youngest of our society allows me to exercise my creative streak: painting, crafting, and dealing with the unexpected. There are so many benefits (cognitive, emotional, and academic) when working with children:

  • I get to workout: dancing, jumping, and pretending to be an animal (or a pirate).
  • I can sing, laugh, and play!
  • I am driven to study and learn more about: childhood development, health, art, music, science, and much more.
  • I have learned, and continue to learn, the value of patience and empathy.
  • It helps me be a better parent, especially on difficult days!

Yes, there are difficult days. There are times when childcare is tough, when even the most dedicated or experienced caregivers are challenged. That does not minimize the love and joy we have for our work or home, that makes us human.

We always want to be our best selves for the children in our care and, even when exhausted, a good caregiver will:

  • model the behaviour we want the children adopt
  • give time and support whenever it is needed
  • listen to stories
  • answer questions
  • help solve disagreements about who can play with the ball
  • join the children in play
  • be fully present


  • We want to keep the children safe and secure
  • We want them to take risks (this does not contradict the previous point)
  • We want to help them overcome challenges, and feel good about themselves

We want them to be happy

Not because it makes our lives easier, but because it makes their lives better.

Mostly, childcare is fun and the most difficult thing is saying goodbye.

Hakuba babysitting children