About me


Hi, I’m Colette Stevenson.

Hakuba Babysitter

I am a professional babysitter who loves spending time with children. I have over twenty years experience, am CPRAED certified, and am comfortable being with children of all ages. Since the early 1990’s I have worked in multiple childcare and education roles, they include:

  • babysitter and respite care provider
  • youth worker
  • children’s entertainer
  • Pre-K teacher
  • teacher trainer
  • and… a parent

Snack Time. Hakuba BabysittingHow can I help?

I will come to your accommodation at a prearranged time and take care of your kids so that you can hit the slopes, or enjoy a coffee and conversation (without interruption).

While you are out enjoying yourselves, I will make sure your kids are busy having their own holiday. I will bring my smile, my experience, and my bag of tricks!

  • If your child is bursting with energy, great!
  • If your child needs time to adjust to new situations or people, lovely!
  • Multiple children, with different temperaments?… We’ll have a blast!


In all my years working with the littlest members of our society, (whether teaching, babysitting, or parenting) there are a few things I stick by:

  • Children are people; they deserve equal respect
  • Giving children the space to simply be kids, brings out their best qualities (and funniest jokes)
  • Showing children you care, is enough.

Personal Life

FamilyI grew up in a large family in the UK. In 2002, after many years working, studying, and working, I opted to move to Japan to teach English. My plan was to stay for one year, travel, and broaden my experience. At no point did I imagine meeting a tall, dark Canadian, settling down and starting a family – but that is what happened. I am now a mother to a beautiful toddler who loves being outdoors.

My husband and I have been visiting Hakuba for many years and have talked about moving for sometime. So, after 13 years in Yokohama, we moved to Hakuba to take advantage of the many things the region has to offer:

  • great food
  • beautiful scenery
  • amazing outdoor adventures and activities

In short, we love it here. The people are fun, the air is clean, and our son can play outdoors all the time. Now, that we are part of the community, I want to use my skills and experience so that your family can love the Hakuba experience too.

Want to know more?

For more information, or to make a reservation, email Colette

If you want to know more about why I work with kids, check out this blog post.

I am looking forward to meeting you and helping your family have a wonderful holiday in Hakuba!