15 Excuses for Procrastination

Hi all,

Yes, there has been a super long gap between posts. No, it has not been because I have been rushed off my feet. Yes, it has been (in part) due to moving house, setting up home, and creating a new life. Yes, I wish I had been posting more frequently. Yes, the break resulted in a “motivation interruption.” No, I do not think you have been waiting on pins for the next instalment (but, feel free to get excited for the next one). Yes, some of my excuses for not posting are valid but, with hindsight, many barely convince me:

  1. During nap time, I need to:
    1. wash the dishes
    2. cook dinner
    3. do laundry
    4. grab a coffee
    5. clean the floors
    6. scrape food out of the sides of the sofas
    7. all of the above
  2. I can’t decide what to talk/write about.
  3. There is plenty of content in my draft box; I just need to edit (and take pictures).
  4. The toddler woke up, just as I logged in.
  5. Still no pictures. Can’t publish yet.
  6. Oooh! Thought of something new to write about, I’ll edit another time.
  7. I got interrupted – again.
  8. There is no time to set up and take photos (or snap them with my phone).
  9. The light is terrible. I’ll take pics when the sun is out.
  10. The sun is out, let’s play!
  11. Can I swear? It’s not like kids are going to read this.
  12. I am struggling to find “work flow.”
  13. I need to get out more.
  14. I need to stay in more.
  15. Once I start something, it’s really hard to stop (this includes procrastinating).

So, this is my re-start post. The content is useful for no-one, but hopefully it sets the ball rolling again. And, you will notice, there are no pictures!

Keep buzzin’


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