I am very sorry but, due to family reasons, the Bee Kids childcare service will not be available during the 2017/18 season.

I hope you enjoy your time in Hakuba and that service will resume in future seasons.

Bee Kids is still blogging; head here to see what’s going on.

Hakuba Childminder

snowman Hakuba babysitting

Are your kids too young, or too tired, to enjoy a full day on the slopes?

Bee Kids childminder can help!

Can you relax and enjoy lunch, or do your kids need to talk about helicopters and monsters (as you cut their food into triangles)?

Bee Kids childminder can help!

Would you like a holiday, while you are on holiday?

Bee Kids childminder can help!

file000214962421What can you expect?

Bee Kids Hakuka Childminder  is a
professional, no-fuss service that will make your family’s stay in Hakuba fun for everyone!

  • Your babysitter will come to your accommodation
  • CPRAED certified
  • More than 20 years childcare and education experience
  • A selection of age appropriate activities, toys, and games to suit all personality types
  • Outdoor play

While you are out enjoying all the wonderful things Hakuba has to offer, your kids will be forming their own holiday memories: relaxing, playing games, building snowmen, doing crafts, and much more.

Bee Kids babysitter and childcare service will make sure your children are safe, happy, and well cared for.

Bee Kids Hakuba BabysittingAbout Bee Kids

Bee Kids opened in Yokohama, in 2010. Our philosophy, then and now, is to let kids be kids. By providing a safe, engaging and interactive environment, we allow children the freedom to learn, grow, and have fun on their own terms.

The founder of Bee Kids, Colette Stevenson, is super excited to begin this new venture in such a beautiful location. Hakuba has so much to offer

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